Intelligent Driving System

Intelligent Driving System

MAXIEYE provides full working conditions, multi scene, cross platform intelligent driving system products and technical services to OEM customers and industrial chain partners. Based on the self-developed deep learning visual perception technology, sensor fusion algorithm and planning control algorithm, MAXIEYE achieves one-stop pre-installation mass production delivery of Level 0-Level 3(SAE J3016™) intelligent driving system products. The products have the characteristics of reliable performance, premium experience, cost-effective, they have passed the vehicle quality certification, and achieved mass production and delivery.

Our Advantages

MAXIEYE is a rare scientific and technological innovation company in China with full-stack core technologies of intelligent driving covering perception, fusion,planning and control.

We provide rich products and technical services of integrated software and hardware, or decoupled software and hardware for customers and partners of intelligent mobility industry chain, with higher performance price ratio, faster iteration, more flexible Co-op mode.

Full Stack of Intelligent Driving Technology
Visual perception and sensor fusion technology
ADAS and ADS functions algorithms
Vehicle control strategy to achieve a more comfortable driving experience
Leading AI Visual Algorithms
Self-developed MAXI-NET deep learning neural network model
Monocular vision ranging and speed measurement, high accuracy
4D vision system from real-time perception to perception prediction
Customer Participation
Senior intelligent driving technology development and engineering capabilities
Customizable agile algorithm development solutions
More flexible cooperation model
Pre-loaded Quality Certification System
Redefine Large Scale of Intelligent Driving
Affordable and popular intelligent driving system MAXIPILOT® 1.0 new release
  • Better Understanding of Local Customers
  • Full Stack Algorithms Customizable
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Performance Price Ratio
  • Extreme Scene Experience Optimization
Scene Video
  • S-bend Stability
  • Cut-in Scenario
  • Complex Fork
  • The Tunnel
  • Special-Shaped Target
The More You Use It, The Smarter It Becomes
OTA Data Closed-Loop——Supports OTA Functions Upgrade
NOM Navigate on MAXIPILOT System, Intelligence on Long Highway
Through the 360-degree sensor fusion perception scheme, combined with high-precision map, NOM can realize highway intelligent path planning, automatic on and off ramp, automatic driving in main lane, automatic speed adjustment according to the road speed limit and driving conditions, automatic lane change, automatic overtaking, construction reminder, etc.
Sensor Configuration
corner radar
surround view camera
front radar
side view camera
side view camera
front view camera*2
side view camera
side view camera
rear view camera
surround view camera
corner radar
high performance central domain controller
surround view camera
corner radar
Point-to-point One-click to the Destination
Support driving-parking integration + OTA data closed loop + shadow mode
Business Consulting