Laws and Regulations Market Solutions
According to the regulations of the Ministry of Transportation and industry standards, the high reliability and high performance-price ratio solutions are provided to support the realization of LDW, FCW and other warning functions, as well as AEB, LKA, LCC and other vehicle intelligent control functions. Aiming at the problem such as pitch angle change of heavy trucks, we provide complete supporting services such as compensation algorithm calibration.
JT/T 1094-2016
JT/T 1178.1一2018
JT/T 1178. 2—2019
GB/T 33577-2017
JT/T 883—2014
GB 7258-2012
GB/T 38186-2019
Smart Solutions
For commercial vehicles Level 2 and above ADAS market, MAXIEYE provides smart solutions. Using 2V (1* fish-eye lens +1* front view lens) scheme to solve the problem of heavy truck blind area, to achieve full speed ACC, LCC, blind area monitoring, lane change assistance and other functions.
Automatic Driving Operation Scheme for Heavy Truck
Based on full stack technology capability of autonomous driving, MAXIEYE and Desay SV jointly released the "Jiu Kui Plan", collaboration with domestic heavy truck enterprises, logistics solution providers and other industry partners, to jointly deploy heavy truck autonomous driving technology and services in truck logistics and other scenarios.