Safety ADAS Functions
Compatible with single camera scheme and fusion scheme control algorithms:
High performance AEB to pedestrian/vehicle system, low false report rate, low missing report rate;
Realize LKA/LCC functions, improve the safety experience of driving;

Functions meet the requirements of CNCAP level test standards;
Functions meet the requirements of i-VISTA Excellence Level test standards;
Full Speed Intelligent Cruise System Solutions
For structured highway and urban road scenarios, MAXIEYE provides super-high price-performance ratio Level 2 intelligent cruise system solutions, supporting 1V, 1R1V, nR1V optional hardware configuration, and customizable full-stack algorithms. The solution optimizes the experience for scenarios such as sharp turns, S turns, fork roads and intersections to solve problems such as system instability and frequent exit and achieve a more comfortable and intelligent "old driver" driving experience.
Navigate on MAXIPILOT Solutions
Based on the nRnV multi-sensor fusion scheme, accessed to HD maps, the solution supports implementation of Level 2 to Level 3 high-level intelligent driving system functions, including NOM(Navigate on MAXIPILOT). The solution realizes point-to-point automatic driving, and enables efficient and intelligent future mobility.
Driving-Parking Integration Solutions
Based on MAXIPILOT driving solutions, automatic parking and autonomous parking systems are integrated to achieve a highly intelligent integrated driving-parking integration solution, which meets customers' functional development requirements of highly integrated domain controller platform and provides intelligent experience with upgraded configurations for end consumers.